Internet Marketing

People are placing orders online from everywhere. Capture your share of this business.

People are placing orders online from everywhere. Capture your share of this business.

If there’s an aspect of the business world growing faster than the area of ecommerce and online purchases, we’ve never heard of it. Internet sales are booming and you need to ride the crest of that profit wave by using up-to-date ecommerce solutions.

You can accept payments by programming an or other gateway interface or use an integrated marketing tool like SellBetter Toolbox for an even more powerful online marketing presence.

SellBetter ToolBox functions as your online sales clerk. It interfaces with your online customer to take online orders. It offers upsells, tracks your advertising, and keeps track of sales commissions. It writes up the order. (Don’t you wish you could hire someone this reliable for so little money?)

But to put the money in the bank, it needs an internet enabled merchant account with a compatible gateway. That’s what you’ve found right here.

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Two important questions: How does it work? What does it cost?

How Does it Work?

When SellBetter ToolBox processes an order for you, it connects to Authorize.Net (which functions like a credit card terminal, only online) and Authorize.Net connects with the UBC Bankcard System to process the payment. It’s like this:

How to Take Orders Online
The best part is that it’s amazingly simple for you.

Today, with all the concern about fraud and identity theft, it’s important that you must protect your customers every way possible. In fact, the credit card companies require it!

Are you ready to do the programming, procedures, and documentation necessary to meet government regulations and the credit card companies CISP/PCI requirements? Here’s the good news: When you use SellBetter ToolBox, Authorize.Net, and Harbortouch, it’s all done for you!

Your payment processing system seamlessly integrates with our online shopping cart and ecommerce solution, SellBetter ToolBox.

Using your existing Internet connection, you also connect to your online Virtual Terminal. This convenient system replaces expensive terminals and paper-based credit card machines. There is no software to install.

The payment processing rates you’ll get here are the lowest available, your application process is easy, and you can be set up in 2-3 days.

Key Features

  • Charge credit cards, debit cards, and echecks on your Virtual Terminal using any computer with an Internet connection. The service is available around the clock in a secure real-time environment.
  • Accept credit cards in your office, by phone, mail, or fax, and online.
  • Process on-site or back-of-the-room sales efficiently with a manual imprinter or order form, then enter them in the Virtual Terminal for authorization and deposit.

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What Does it Cost?

You’ll getting one of the top merchant processing companies to handle your account and a very competitive rate due to our competitive quote process.

And SellBetter ToolBox customers get the best rates around for ecommerce.

More about rates.

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