How it Works

It’s really quite simple:

How You Get The Best Credit Card Merchant Service Rate

It's Easy To Get A Merchant Account

This is the easiest way to get a credit card merchant account, and you’ll save on fees too!

It’s a simple process:

1. You sign up for free & receive instant quotes — best rates first

The software instantly selects the most competitive offer from processors’ templates based on the your details.

2. You review offers and cost estimates in private

Fully disclosed quotes are displayed to you along with unbiased comprehensive cost breakdowns, estimates and analyses, but processors are not allowed to see the your contact information. This ensures that you are not pressured by sales calls and emails while reviewing offers.

3. Free expert advice & comparative analysis

Every merchant is welcome to our free consultative services as well as a comprehensive analysis comparing current a processor’s charges to the best offer received in our marketplace.

4. Choose a quote & lock rates for life

Once ready, you select a winning quote with the click of a button and the winning processor is allowed to see the your contact information to begin the application process.

Our software also locks the processor’s quoted rates and fees for reference in future monitoring to guarantee rates never increase.

This system matches you with processors who are best with your kind of business.